Sawyer - Fast Fill Hydration Pack Adapters - SP115

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Never again remove your hydration bladder to fill it

Fill your hydration pack reservoir directly from your screw on/off filter without removing it from your backpack with this accessory. (Hydration pack and filter sold separately). This handy Sawyer “hack” makes refilling hassle free.

Staff note:

I use this to refill my camelbak hydration bladder at home. Removing the bladder from my pack is often a slow, messy experience and I always end up spilling water. Now I can pop off the mouth piece, plug in my water filter, and fill from the kitchen tap. If your home water is already filtered then just use Sawyer's kitchen faucet adapter. 

Don't forget to occasionally remove the bladder for cleaning. Even clean filtered water will grow microorganisms from your mouth. Regular cleaning is mandatory with a hydration bladder.


  • Adapters attach to the directly to the drinking tube on most hydration reservoirs
  • Attach the Sawyer Squeeze water filter to the adapters and squeeze water into your reservoir via the easy to attach drinking tube

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Technical Specifications

Recommended Uses: Backpacking, long hikes
Product #: [SP115]

Made in USA.

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