Field Notes Colors - Night Sky, Reticle Graph Paper, FNC-19 (3-pack)

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Reticle Graph Paper Notebook

This is the original 48-page memo book featuring 3/16" (4.7mm) ruled reticle graph paper. Each book measures 3-1/2” wide by 5-1/2” tall and is bound with a rugged three-staple saddle-stitch process.

The Night Sky edition of FIELD NOTES COLORS celebrates the wonders that cross the summer sky each night. The “Night Sky” 3-Pack features French Construction “Blacktop” covers, mapping out three sets of constellations that have graced the northern hemisphere summer sky long before “summer” was given a name. Constellations and popular asterisms are highlighted in silver holographic foil. Inside is Finch Opaque text paper, with a new “Reticle Graph,” sort of a hybrid of the popular dot-grid and graph papers. It’s all bound together with shiny black staples.

Fits effortlessly in to the back pocket of most pants.

Comes bundled in packs of 3 with a belly band and shrink wrapped.

Practical Applications:

  1. "To Do" lists
  2. "To not Do" lists
  3. Shoddy sketches
  4. Half-ass calculations
  5. Schematics
  6. Designs
  7. Financial planning
  8. Escape routes
  9. Journal
  10. Shady transactions
  11. Phone numbers
  12. Loose promises
  13. Tall orders
  14. GPS coords to your stash / secret space
  15. For a complete list, see the inside cover...

-I'm not writing it down to remember it later,

I'm writing it down to remember it now.