Exotac nanoSTRIKER Refill

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Our fire starting tools utilize a proprietary alloy of rare earth metals called ferrocerium.  Some of these metals include Iron, Cerium and Magnesium.  When a ferrocerium rod is rapidly scraped, the friction created ignites the shavings producing molten globulars of burning metal.  It is these long-burning molten globulars of metal that make a ferrocerium fire starter so effective at catching other materials afire.


To replace an old rod, simply unscrew the rod and screw in the new rod.  Ensure the rod is hand tight snug.  An optional drop of blue or purple loctite will help retain the rod if it becomes loose.  Do NOT over tighten.


  • 3/16" Threaded ferrocerium rod (1 pc)
  • Replacement O-rings (2 pcs)