Tenergy TN270 Li-ion battery charger - 18650

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Two cell Li-Ion battery charger

The Tenergy TN0270 is a quality mid-range Li-Ion battery charger.  With 2 separate charging channels this charger is capable of charging two batteries independent of each other.  For use with AC current only.  This charger does not come with DC charging capability.  An AC/DC converter is required for use in a vehicle.

We think this is an excellent budget charger for any individual new to the 18650 platform.

  • Designed to charge 1 – 2 pieces of Li-Ion 14500/18500/18650 batteries 
  • Two independent charging channels for individual charging and detection 
  • Reverse polarity detection 
  • 500mAh charging current for fast charging 
  • AC adapter included 
  • Does not charge 3V RCR123A cells

Cell Size Compatible:

  • 14500 
  • 18500 
  • 18650 
  • RCR123A - 3.7V Only

LED Indicators

  • Charging: Solid Red 
  • Fully Charged: Solid Green 
  • Short Circuit: Solid Green 
  • Reverse Polarity: Solid Green


  • Charging Current: 500mA 
  • Compatible Chemistry: Li-Ion 
  • Input Voltage: 100 - 240V AC/12 - 24V DC 
  • Charging Voltage Range: 2.5V - 4.25V 
  • Weight: 108g 
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C - 35°C 
  • Operating Humidity: 10% - 90% 
  • Storage Temperature: -20°C - 80°C 
  • Storage Humidity: RH 85% 
  • Dimensions: 135mm x 60mm x 30mm (L x W x H)

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