Hi Gears,

I've been working to simplify the website over the last couple of weeks. Over time it has grown both slow and ugly.  

So far:

  • I've relocated the vendor links and category links in to two separate drop downs in the main navigation list.  
  • The Twitter feed has been removed entirely.  It was a fantastic resource, but the look and feel along with the sluggish performance were just too much of a drag on site performance.
  • The law enforcement/first responder/military discount has been moved in to the footer of the page, along with the newsletter sign up. An interesting side note; the vast majority of people on the newsletter are acquisitions from sales.  Very few individuals randomly sign up, though we do get a few.
  • The search bar has been moved up in to the header of the page allowing me to turn off the right column entirely. 

I'll be adding a carousel to the main page in the next few weeks to showcase new products, and any deals that may be running at the time.


Hopefully these changes are seen as improvements.  I would love to get some feedback on the site updates.  Please either leave a comment below, a twitter msg, facebook post, email, etc.

Written by Shawn Wilton — June 01, 2013

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