Hi Gears,

So the gov. is in a bit of a pickle and as such they have had to cut a few $$$ from the budget.  This means less cash for the USPS which in turn means they are shutting down some offices and services.  Here in Salem, OR we have a pretty large mail distribution center.  That distribution center, up until May 1st, 2013 would accept packages as late as 8:45pm and would still get them out for delivery same day.  By delivery I mean out to the next post office.  This means I was able to ship packages late in to the day.  However, as a result of the budget cuts, our distribution center will now be closing at 5:45pm.  This means I've had to move the order deadline per day from 5pm PST, to 4pm PST.  

I do apologize to everyone that enjoys placing those late orders.  Unfortunately, UPS is expensive, Fedex closes at 5pm and USPS now closes at 5:45pm.  From here on, orders placed after 4pm PST will almost certainly ship next day.

Questions?  Sound off below in the comments or just send us some email.

Written by Shawn Wilton — May 02, 2013

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