Estimated to ship in April and available for preorder now, Fenix has announced the big daddy of rechargeable lights. The Fenix RC40 uses a custom, dual 18650 battery to put out an incredible 3500 lumens.

The RC40 utilizes four Cree XM-L (U2) LEDs to output all that power and throws the beam to an impressive 2,329ft (710m) and is controlled by dual head switches.  Five outputs ranging from 3500 lumens down 35 lumens will yield up to 160 hours of runtime.  A strobe function is included, outputing 3500 lumens.

Fenix flashlights use a digitally regulated output that maintains a constant brightness level regardless of battery level. This is a major advantage of other lights that use Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to control brightness levels.

Included with the light is a shoulder strap, an AC waller charger, a DC car charger, spare o-ring, and a dust plug.

Fenix USA provides a limited lifetime guarantee on their lights.

For more information, see our product page here.

Fenix Model # RC40U2BK



Written by Shawn Wilton — April 01, 2013

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