We have the Fenix TK75 and the Fenix HL30 in stock and more on the way.

The Fenix TK75 is an amazing light.  Small, lightweight and wow it's bright.  Four 18650s per section.  You can add more sections to increase longevity.   Multiple light levels make this one of the most useful lights available.

The Fenix HL30 is the perfect hands free light.  Light, bright, and it takes the most common battery available, 2 AAs.  This light has multiple brightness levels and a red LED.  Perfect for hiking, camping, working in the dark, or that go to light when you need it.

There is currently a 10% discount coupon code available on all flashlights.  Use coupon code "10%Lights" at checkout.  It's on the last page.

Written by Shawn Wilton — December 15, 2012

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