How do I use multiple discount codes?

  • You can't.  The system isn't built for it.  There is a workaround though.  Because our shipping is always free, you can make multiple orders and apply your coupons accordingly.  Just put a not in your orders (last page of checkout) that you are placing multiple orders.  

Do you accept Google Checkout or Paypal?

  • No we don't.  We used to.  It's become too complicated sorting through multiple payment processors and because of PayPal and Googles "weapons policy" we have decided it's just not worth the hassle.  
  • Q:  What's a weapon?  To Google and Paypal it's anything either sharp or projectable.  Why you can sell laser pointers that can burn people or flashlights that can be thrown at people is beyond us. <end sarcasm>
  • Paypal sales policy
  • Google sales policy

What's your policy on returns?

  • EDC:  Every Day Carry